Working Among Wildlife: Species Awareness Training for Working on Roads

At-risk turtles nesting or invasive plant species can pose a challenge for any construction site. Through our training we’ve helped a number of Public Works roads departments navigate regulatory requirements, avoid work delays, improve interactions with wildlife and increase worker safety. Our comprehensive 3-hour workshop developed by the Georgian Bay Mnidoo Gamii Biosphere is designed to equip teams with the essential knowledge and skills to work alongside a variety of wildlife species.

Learn about:

  • Practical Best Management Practices (BMPs) tailored for a variety of construction and maintenance activities help to reduce impacts on wildlife, and to comply with environmental regulations such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA)
  • Resources that help workers improve on-site decision-making, manage invasive and noxious plants, and improve worker and wildlife safety through species interaction training (handling turtles, rattlesnakes and bear safety)
  • Species of conservation concern within the region, including how to identify Species at Risk (SAR), and noxious (toxic) and invasive plant species

To secure a spot or make a general inquiry, contact [email protected].