A lady testing the water in a marsh. Taking a Georgian Bay water sample.

Our ecology services combine science and land-based knowledge. We take an inclusive approach to environmental stewardship that considers social conditions, community participation, cultural practices, and reciprocity for ecological conservation success. 

Our holistic systems approach to problem solving helps us find innovative and practical solutions for positive long-term impacts on ecology, climate, and healthy communities. 

Services Offered

We provide consulting and technical services in areas such as:

  • Mitigation strategies for habitat, land use & invasive species
  • Monitoring for fisheries, water quality, birds, turtles, snakes & bats
  • Species at Risk planning
  • Program design
  • Property & development assessments
  • Best Management Practices (BMP) training

Past Projects

Some examples of our team’s past work include:

Best Management Practices for Road Management & Development

Road management and development is a key stressor to habitat connectivity and species population health. We are actively working to find strategies and approaches that can not only improve the…

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Seguin Township

Residents and cottagers in Seguin Township may have come across Biosphere and Seguin Township staff wading into area lakes, or set up on shore, searching white basins for tiny critters….

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