Collaborating for Climate Action – Presentation to the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities

In May 2023 Benjamin John, Climate Consultant for Generations Effect and Climate and Energy Programs Manager for the Georgian Bay Biosphere organized and facilitated a panel discussion on collaborating for climate action for the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities Conference in Parry Sound. The panel featured members of the Integrated Community Energy and Climate Action Plans (ICECAP) partnership. 

ICECAP is a partnership formed between Municipalities and First Nations in and around the Georgian Bay Biosphere region for the purpose of taking a collaborative, more cost-effective approach to energy management and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The panel shared their experience of collaborating on a regional approach to taking climate action, providing a potential model for other regions to share learning, find efficiencies and achieve sustainable results. 

As one of the founding organizers of ICECAP, Ben has a unique perspective on the opportunities, benefits and challenges of taking a regional approach to climate action.